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Neville Longbottom’s Boggart Attends Severus Snape’s Funeral by Brenna Twohy

& no one will look directly at him.
even though he is in the front row.
even though he’s the biggest thing
in the room.

the whole world
pulls a handkerchief from her pocket
and whispers the word redemption.
and the boggart stares into the casket,
wonders about the moment
they washed
a dead man’s hands clean,

and of course it is a tragedy–
that you would name your abuse,
in a room full of people,
and they would shrug,
tell you of a girl he loved once,

lecture you about forgiveness,
about changing spots
on the leopards that are still hunting you,

that your trauma
would wrap itself
in your grandmother’s clothes
and dare you
to survive it loudly.

remember, this is a story
about a boy who lives.
about power
that does not come easy,
the magic of packed earth
and the things that dare
to come out of it.

oh, how your courage
makes a mess of their story.
how it climbs into his coffin
and loud
and unburied.

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