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Не смотрела финалку ТП ещё, потому что мне серии 3 надо нагнать. Но тумблер лента приносит хорошие цитаты из 1-2 сезона.

COOPER: Major this is a fascinating concept. The other side of love is not hate - but fear?
MAJOR BRIGGS: Absolutely. And fear is the absence of love.
COOPER: For yourself as well.
MAJOR BRIGGS: All perceptions or conditions must begin with the self.
COOPER: So when I let fear into my life, I'm not loving myself.
MAJOR BRIGGS: You are in direct contradiction to a state of loving acceptance; incapable of it. Direct denial.
COOPER: Major Briggs, if I may ask a personal question ... do you love yourself?
MAJOR BRIGGS: Very much.
COOPER: Then it stands to reason that Leland Palmer didn't.
MAJOR BRIGGS: One could draw that conclusion. There are powerful forces of evil in the world. It is some men's fate to confront great darkness. We each choose how to react. If the choice is fear, then we become vulnerable to darkness.
COOPER: Tomorrow I face my own demons, Major Briggs. But, thanks to you, I believe I will do so without fear. I carefully considered my actions before proceeding. I went forward. I must accept the consequences.
MAJOR BRIGGS: You can do no more.

@темы: цитаты, твин пикс, сериалы

2017-09-08 в 01:32 

феноменально важно и вовремя.
спасибо за цитату.

2017-09-08 в 02:10 

Jeanne dArc
space hobo

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