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Пока на носу дедлайн, отвлекаю себя немного от работы.
Пост про комнаты студентов Хогвартса. Этот пост я скомбиноровала с другим постом про жилые комнаты студентов, потому что мне показалось они пересекаются эстетически.

the slytherin common room is like a palace. the students hold court there, discuss schemes and ambitions and scandals, at home in such a regal setting yet always with a slight edge stemming from the awareness that outside these walls–outside this dignified, fierce, protective slytherin family–there is an ugly, real, vicious world waiting to tear them apart. but no fear; the slytherins will be there with their experience and cunning honed in their very own fortress to glide through the storm, calm and cool and untouched. these students love each other boundlessly, and this is where they prepare each other for the road ahead.
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