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Размышления Доборы Энн Уолл о сериале Daredevil, о её персонаже и об актёрской профессии в целом.

“There’s this old idea that women in men’s stories are either Madonnas or whores, and she is both, but at different times. What I ended up doing, and what Marvel was trying to do, was to merge those two. She doesn’t have to be a Madonna or a whore—she can be good and bad all at once, which is more modern.”

“I feel like in a different time and a different series, they would have had the girl just say ’Yes, Mr. Wonderful Man, please fix it for me. I’ll tell you everything.’ But instead, she goes, ‘I don’t know if I can trust this guy. I just met him. So yeah, I’m going to hold on to my information because it’s the only thing keeping me alive.”
Deborah Ann Woll to TV Guide

“When asked if Karen sensed any part of Matt Murdock when she encountered the man in the mask - or the reverse - Woll said, “What’s interesting is that there are some conflicts between Karen and Matt throughout the series where, for her, Matt isn’t going far enough. So in a way, the Matt that Karen knows should be doing more, should be breaking the law or pushing the limits, to try and uncover the truth. I think it’s interesting that, in a way, they’re so alike, but neither of them can know it about each other, because they’re a little bit ashamed about that part of themselves that would stop at nothing. So it’s going to be fun, I think, over the course of the series, to see those similarities in both of them.”
— Deborah Ann Woll about Karen & Matt being alike

“I’d love to do all kinds of acting work, I’m not picky when it comes to that. All of it is an extreme interesting experience. I like women who are character actors but can still play leading women, can still be a romantic lead.”
— Deborah Ann Woll about acting work

“I really want an action figure, it would be cool, she would be all noir in like her little pencil skirt and stuff, it’d be cool, and then she could kick some butt.”
— Deborah Ann Woll about a Karen Page action figure

"I want to look at the character traits through a very objective lens to make sure these are things that the character would do, and not worry about making decisions merely so that she can appear perfectly strong and perfectly intelligent and always do the right thing. That’s not an interesting complex woman,” Woll says. “So I think we should be fighting for complex, interesting, flawed female characters as opposed to the more old fashioned idea of a strong female who was this practically perfect person."
— Deborah Ann Woll about Karen Page, in How Daredevil’s Karen Page Is Finally Helping Fix Marvel’s Woman Problem

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Для настроения и хорошего начала следующей рабочей недели! Всем любви:heart:


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Сорвиголова пошла у меня неожиданно хорошо. Больше всего в главном герое нравится его уязвимость. Это редкость для супергеров выглядеть как живой, кровоточащий и не редко слабый человек. От того, что у него нет ни брони, ни специального костюма, каждая его стычка смотрится как последняя. Я пока не досмотрела сезон, но 6ая серия, где показывают классный диалог между Фиском и Мэттом меня покорил. Классическая сцена встречи гг с его Тенью. Отличная линия. Я сто лет не делала коллажей по фандомам, но Daredevil меня вывел из творческого отпуска.
Ну и не упускаем тот момент, что я пытаюсь раскрыть тайну, как из Чарли Кокса успели сделать секс.

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