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совершенно заслуженно занимает свое доменное имя
лучший словарь для осмысленного наращивания словарного запаса

например, статья для astute

Someone who is astute is clever and has good judgment. The kid running around with a bucket stuck on his head? Not so astute. ))
Astute (from Latin) is a formal and flattering adjective for someone with a good head on their shoulders. It differs from its synonym shrewd in placing less emphasis on hardheadedness than on sensitivity: we talk about a shrewd bargainer but an astute interpretation. Other synonyms are perceptive (emphasizing insight) and discerning (emphasizing an ability to distinguish).

то, что нужно! тонкая разница между синонимами!

или decipher

Decipher means translate from code, or more generally, figure out. If you can’t decipher your teacher's writing, it means you can't read it. You might feel like you're being asked to decipher a code.
During World War II, the Nazis used a machine called the Enigma to encode secret messages. An operator would type the message with a keyboard, which would activate a set of rotors, giving each letter a different value. The code was difficult for the Allies to crack, but eventually the code was deciphered by the British, hastening the end of the war.

сайт делала какая-то родственная душа. спросили значение слова? не удовлетворяйся объяснением, пустись рассказывать упоительную историю

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